italian-greyhound"Peggy Davis did an excellent job training Merlot, our Italian greyhound. On the very first day that Peggy came to conduct the training, she described how the schedule was established. She never failed to show up, even in the worst weather. She even arrived for our session the day that her daughter was having a baby. In short, we were very happy with the training program and with Peggy's clear description of what we could expect. I am completely satisfied with Peggy's services."
-Samuel F., Mebane, NC



"My husband and I retained Peggy Davis to train our dog Lucy several weeks ago on the recommendation of our veterinarian. Mrs. Davis has worked wonderfully with Lucy, who is a 98 pound abused rescue dog who we adopted from Paws for Life. Lucy had several significant problems due to her abuse as a puppy, including aggression and extreme fear. The changes Mrs. Davis has made in Lucy's behavior have been nothing short of miraculous. Mrs. Davis has been dependable, arriving as scheduled for every training session. We could not be happier with the results she achieved with Lucy."
-Jane K., Raleigh, NC



"Peggy was on time and eager and ready to work with my dog, even though she had many other clients to visit. Peggy has been a very good trainer for my dog and she is always available for questions or concerns. I can always reach her by phone if I need her. Every time that I have called her, she answers by the second ring. She is more than willing to accommodate my schedule. I would definitely recommend her to other dog owners."
-Martha B., Raleigh, NC



lab-puppy"Peggy Davis trained my now 6 year old Labrador retriever when she was a puppy. The training was a complete success-- Peggy has a true gift with animals. When my husband and I got a second puppy recently, we immediately called Peggy for training and I have seen similar excellent results. I have happily referred Peggy to friends who either have new puppies or older dogs with behavior challenges."
-Laurie B., Chapel Hill, NC